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5 BIG interior design trends predicted for 2023

Trends are constantly evolving to mirror the progression of design and technology that we see in the world around us. Whether we acknowledge it or not, there is a deep unconscious gravitational pull toward elements that make up a successful, forward-thinking, dynamic space. None of them are by accident. They all have interesting psychological reasoning behind them. Here are 5 Interior design trends you should be on the lookout for 2023:

Warm colour palette trends

The last couple years have seen green as a stable colour choice for interiors. In 2023, the forecast has changed to earthy, warm tones as apposed to cooler spaces. Upholstery, paint choices and décor items with warm yellows, browns, deeper reds, corals, and oranges will start becoming more accessible us to enhance our spaces. Overall, if you’re unsure, think sunset colours!

Lots of texture

An all-white kitchen is being predicted to make a big comeback. But there has been an even bigger prediction of a layered-texture home. This includes surfaces from highly marbled kitchen counters right through to bouclé upholstered soft furnishing. In the past the advice to give was to balance surfaces with textures and plains to create a more harmonious space. But 2023 seems to want to disregard that rule. Experts seem to be punting a major use of texture. Blank wall? Apply paneling so the eye has something to look at. And paint it a beautiful warm colour. Basically, if it has a texture, you can use it.

Curvy Lines

To continue the breakaway from 2022 theme, it seems that lines are starting to look more curvy, playful, and organic as apposed to structured, modern, formal, and balanced.

Rounded sofas, coffee tables, rugs and living spaces are predicted to become increasing popular in 2023. This also extends to artwork, mirrors, and even scatter cushions.

More Kitchen Space

This is a really interesting one, and I felt uncomfortable the first time I read it. But the more research I did, the more it seemed that spaces and the way in which we use them would change quite drastically. Up until now we’ve been designing open plan living spaces. We have allowed the kitchen to be a part of our entertaining areas. Now, watch out for kitchens playing an even bigger part of our daily lives. This could possibly include a double kitchen, with two islands instead of one. This could allow for a wet bar area and spaces to display wine bottles as a form of wall art. These spaces were previously isolated, or separated from the kitchen itself.

Big Light Trends

Finally, trends that will see us into 2023, and isn’t perhaps new but rather a continuation, is lighting. Big, oversized, rattan floor lamps and ceiling lamps will play a big part in keeping spaces updated in 2023. Lighting is important anyway, but allowing for a focal point will add to the dramatic interiors that are about to unfold!

The takeaway message from this post is that everything in 2023 is seemingly going to be bigger, more visually stimulating, over the top with detail, and increased personal artifacts.

Did COVID do this to us? Could this possibly be our way of saying that were tired of the rules and regulations, and we want to have fun? Bring colour, bring textures, and lets show off the trinkets we buy from our travels – because that’s on of the biggest aspect of interiors – the influences other places have on our own spaces. I’m looking forward to getting ready for an exciting year ahead of breaking rules!

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