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Award Winning Fabrics – changing the way you live…

Innovative e-commerce company, The Fabric Fox launched its award winning fabrics to consumers online. Recently, Collaro, who manufactures furniture, teamed up with The Fabric Fox, a fabric supplier. This beautifully furnished interior won Balwin Properties Polofields’ Interior Design award.

The Fabric Fox was founded in 2014. It quickly realized the importance of offering quality fabrics with excellent service. The Fabric Fox prides itself on valuing the evolving world of textiles. And, its main focus is to source fabrics from around the world at reasonable prices.

The Fabric Fox supplies curtaining fabrics, linings, and upholstery to the public and trade. In addition, The Fabric Fox aims to give its valued shoppers the largest range of quality products at the best price. Delivery times have a quick turnaround time.

Many consumers are unable and unwilling to shop for fabrics at physical stores. So, The Fabric Fox aims for customer enjoyment while shopping easily online.

Importantly, customers can shop in the comfort of their homes. Also, they can rest assured that payments are secure and safe. Also, The Fabric Fox understands trust. So, it cares about its customers’ privacy, and will never breach confidential information.

The Fabric Fox allows you to order free fabric samples. This gives you comfort to know there will be no surprises when the fabric is delivered.

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