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Outdoor fabrics: what you need to know

When choosing furniture for outdoor spaces, it’s important to consider the upholstery fabric that will be used. While it may be more expensive than indoor fabric, you may find yourself replacing the fabric sooner than expected. This will ultimately cost you more in the long run. There is more to outdoor fabrics than you might realise, which is why interior designers and decorators love using this fabric. Keep reading to find out why using outdoor fabric is a must!

What makes outdoor fabrics different?

Because of their composition, outdoor fabrics are incredibly durable. They should be able to repel water and have UV-resistant properties. Many outdoor fabric suppliers state that their fabrics are anti-mildew. However, mildew only grows in places that are damp and warm. If the fabric is waterproof and repels water, then naturally, mildew wont grow.

Likewise, if the fabrics have UV-resistant properties, then the fabric wont fade in the sun. This means that the performance of the fabric is high and will last many years before needing to be replaced.

Can you use these fabrics indoors?

The short answer, is yes! But it depends where. Because outdoor fabrics hold up well with spillages and heat, they’re great to use in places like kids rooms, where you don’t have to worry about stains and mess. They’re also the perfect application for kitchen stools that are used every day. I know every morning, as hard as I try, either cereal, toast, coffee, or juice gets spilled onto the kitchen chairs. Its such a pleasure to clean because the fabric is waterproof! Of course, cleaning up needs to happen sooner rather than later…

Are there any disadvantages to using this kind of material?

Because the fibres of this kind of textile lend itself to measuring up against tough conditions, the fabric itself may not be the most comfortable. For this reason, I personally wouldn’t use it on lounge suites with hollow fibre or feather cushion inners. The nature of this kind fabric tends to be a bit more stiff, and doesn’t mold well to squishy, comfy cushions. If the inners are high density foam, then yes, I would use outdoor material over any other fabric!

Choosing fabrics for an open patio can be a tricky one. The key is to shop around and ask the right questions so you know you are getting a quality product.

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