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Curtain linings: everything you should know

Curtain linings are fabrics that are attached to the back of a curtain fabric. It can be plain or a patterned fabric but form a completely functional task as apposed to a more decorative one.

Curtain linings can also have heat retaining properties or light reducing properties, such as blackout lining. The Fabric Fox has a range of linings available to suit your different needs, so keep reading to find out the differences between curtain linings, blackout curtain lining and interlining to help you decide which it is that you need.

Blackout curtain lining

Blackout fabrics are commonly found in hotel rooms, blocking much of the light that would otherwise enter through a window when the curtains are closed. They’re impossible to live without for those who need 100% darkness to sleep, as well as places such as home cinemas.

The Fabric Fox offers blackout curtain lining, as well as built in curtains. Both reduce the need and cost for additional fabric and curtain hardware. These factors make curtain and window dressings more affordable.

Brushed Interlining

Also known as acoustic lining, brushed interlining is made from 100% Cotton. While it wont soundproof a room, it can significantly reduce the sound that may otherwise enter a room, such as traffic. Brushed interlining also has excellent thermal properties. These can improve internal climate conditions by either keeping warmth out or in, depending on ones requirements.

Woven Blockout

Woven blockout usually only reduces light emission by 70% or 80%. End users would opt for using this lining as apposed to Blackout lining due to its softer feel. Because it is lighter in weight, it can also be less expensive, making curtain makeup more affordable.

Woven blockout lining also comes in a wider variety of colours, making it more attractive to consumers who would like a more streamlined colour palette of their curtains. This can be used to make up as either curtains or blinds.

Polycotton Lining

Polycotton linings are really the most basic of linings. They weight as little as 140gsm and serve to function as a minimum requirement when making up curtains. Its purpose is to really finish off the curtain drops neatly. It also provides some UV protection to the actual curtains.

One would use a lighter weight curtain lining if privacy or room brightness isn’t a big factor. Alternatively, if the main curtain is of a much heavier weight for the curtain rail.

The Fabric Fox offers a wide range of curtain linings that serve a functional purpose for all curtaining and window dressing needs. Shop online in the safety and convenience of your home!

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