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Boucle – Indigo

R295.00R325.00 incl. vat

Width: 138cm

Composition: 100% Polyester

Rub Count: 25 000

*Please note our fabric colours may vary slightly. Before ordering your fabric online we suggest you order a free sample to make sure what you are ordering is correct.

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Boucle (pronounced ‘boo-clay’) fabric is best described as fabric woven or knitted with boucle yarns. These yarns are produced from a number of different loops. Some of which feature large circlets, and others that feature tiny curls.

Boucle is derived from the French word meaning “curled” or “ringed”. Therefore, it can refer to a yarn made from a series of looped fibre, or the fabric made from it. Wool is the most common fibre to undergo the technique, though cotton, linen, and silk have also been used for achieving the fabric’s textured hand. The Fabric Fox has opted to have our range of boucle fabric made from Polyester. This means that it is easy to clean and is affordable to the end consumer. Boucle fabrics have become a staple of fashion houses (Chanel among the most notable) and midcentury furniture designers.

Why use Boucle fabric?

Boucle fabric provides a unique range of benefits. It is heavy enough to offer some acoustic absorption when used for window treatments, but soft enough to cover a pillow. We are living in a time when comfort and safety are the utmost importance. Our days have become increasingly hectic. Therefore, creating a safe and cozy space at home that encourages well-being is essential. This is exactly the feeling that this fabric creates.

The material pairs well with curvilinear shapes. As demand shifts toward fabrics that are abundant in texture yet breathable in weight, boucle fabrics are making a huge comeback from the iconic 60s and 70s furniture and interior design style offerings.

Available in 10 soft shades, this fabric will settle in with any contemporary or traditional interior space.

The Fabric Fox offers a platform to shop from the comfort and safety of your own home. You can now shop online with the peace of mind to know that your purchase is in good hands!

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Additional information


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