Canvas – Natural

R80.00R90.00 incl. vat

Roll Width: 150 cm

Composition: 100% Cotton

Weight: 220gsm

*Please note our fabric colours may vary slightly. Before ordering your fabric online we suggest you order a free sample to make sure what you are ordering is correct.



Canvas is an incredibly versatile fabric made out of 100% cotton. It has many uses, from fashion to home decor. Some of its most popular uses are for:

Bags – it is durable and affordable, making canvas bags great for everyday use.

Footwear – it is both flexible and durable, making it great for shoes.

Artists often stretch it over a wooden frame and is a fantastic painting surface.

Photographers often use it as backdrops because it is light and easy to carry.

Jackets and outdoor wear, which are made from canvas.

Furniture upholstery, because its strength and durability lend itself well to repeated use.

With painting, you are either stretching your canvas or buying ready-prepared stretched boards. There are many types of canvas fabrics from which to choose. The surface’s characteristics will determine which you choose. The combination of the fabric’s weight, the material’s composition, and the surface preparation will give a different painting experience. It will also affect the final appearance of your painting.

Because canvas is a natural product, it is biodegradable and better for the environment than plastic bags. These have become a popular shopping carry-bag alternative, specifically in South Africa. Also, because the fibres are natural, the fabric can be printed. This feature allows the end product to be easily and affordably customised.

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Additional information


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