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Brushed Interlining – Natural

R175.00R195.00 incl. vat

Width: 140 cm

Composition: 100% Cotton

Weight: 300gsm

*Please note our fabric colours may vary slightly. Before ordering your fabric online we suggest you order a free sample to make sure what you are ordering is correct.



Brushed Interlining – Natural is the piece of fabric that is sewn between the fabric and the back lining. It gives the curtain extra weight to help it drape more beautifully. It has other purposes including insulation, noise reduction, to reduce transparency, and to give the curtain a softer look and feel.

The interlining in your curtains also acts as a blanket, keeping the heat in the room. This helps to keep your house more energy efficient. This is often overlooked in today’s modern energy efficiency methods. Without the brushed interlining, you would certainly notice a cold wind through a window opening.

An important purpose of curtains is to keep a room dark in the morning. This is so you don’t wake up at the crack of dawn. Interlining provides an extra thick layer to your curtains to keep the sunlight at a minimum. It is also possible to use blackout lining if you prefer your curtains or blinds to provide total blackout.

Brushed Interlining – Natural also reduces noise. This extra layer of interlining absorbs a room’s noises. So it is perfect for a room without carpets, a high-ceiling, noisy restaurant with lots of chattering, and even a home theatre or music room.

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Additional information


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